• What does empowerment mean to you?

    Pain Free, Confidence, Abuse Recovery, Loving Relationships, Acceptance, Being Heard?

    • What haunts you from your past and is still hurting you today? Are you looking for answers but cannot find them? Do you want to stop the abuse in your relationships? Do you have rage or anger in your life? When we go through life with a limited part of ourselves, that is what life will give back to us. That limited life that suffers and aches. You can heal from this and learn how to smile, love, be stronger than before and ravish the living of life. We as emotional human beings repeat things that were done to us or patterns that we are not ready to let go of. I will guide you to your answers which are ALL inside of you.

    I will help you to find your answers. I will guide you to your clarity that is needed to build your life in confidence, to rid yourself of abuse and neglect, and to manage and grow from your issues into a strong, clear and loving individual. My work focuses on the truth whether in your body or if you are tangled in your mind


    I empower others to stand, be clear and release pain and suffering. I am able to provide answers with clarity for tools and information. I am confident in my ability to assist you in changing your life. With my guidance we will look at your issues and find your answers.

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