• What does empowerment mean to you?

    Pain Free, Confidence, Abuse Recovery, Loving Relationships, Acceptance, Being Heard?

    • What haunts you from your past and is still hurting you today? Are you looking for answers but cannot find them? Do you want to stop the abuse in your relationships? Do you have rage or anger in your life? When we go through life with a limited part of ourselves, that is what life will give back to us. That limited life that suffers and aches. You can heal from this and learn how to smile, love, be stronger than before and ravish the living of life. We as emotional human beings repeat things that were done to us or patterns that we are not ready to let go of. I will guide you to your answers which are ALL inside of you.

    I will help you to find your answers. I will guide you to your clarity that is needed to build your life in confidence, to rid yourself of abuse and neglect, and to manage and grow from your issues into a strong, clear and loving individual. My work focuses on the truth whether in your body or if you are tangled in your mind


    I empower others to stand, be clear and release pain and suffering. I am able to provide answers with clarity for tools and information. I am confident in my ability to assist you in changing your life. With my guidance we will look at your issues and find your answers.

    Life is full of challenges, that I believe, are created so that we can grow as human beings.

    We can find ways to cope or to explore these challenges, if we could find the tools, even if it is asking for help from someone. In my spiritual counseling, I will address the mind, body and soul as a whole.


    I have been a counselor since 2009 and I work with those who have gone through trauma, abuse, neglect, molestation or incest. I have a powerful style of counseling that works because I have healed from being this person.


    When you go through this type of pain at a young age the power of your voice is silenced.

    Your choice is taken from you and the difficulty can start as your body goes through patterns of repeating this abuse and can arise as cravings in the body, playing out in anger and abuse towards others, low self-esteem, self-loathing, suicide thoughts or actions and promiscuousness.


    This can continue to show up many years later (in adulthood and beyond) and you don't necessarily understand what is going on.

    You could be disconnected from the pain and disassociate from your body and this can attract more harm to you.

    I create a safe and non-judgmental place so each person can find their own answers and begin to heal from this pain.


    • Women
    • Abuse-Emotional & Physical, Molestation, Neglect and Incest
    • Low Self-Esteem, No Self-Esteem, Depression
    • Childhood trauma-Emotional & Physical 
    • Thoughts or actions of Suicide, Self-Harming

    I provide sessions for spiritual counseling to heal the wounds of our past, the pains of our lineage and the abuse that sometimes we allow even in our every day lives. I supplement these sessions with energy readings to manage the ever changing world we live in and to provide answers to guide you smoothly as we bring self-awareness into place for change to happen.

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    Take a look and enjoy! Be Encouraged Today, You Are Important.

    How To Begin To Love Yourself,

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    Step 1 is so easy to do. Whether in the morning before you get out of bed or at night time before you go to sleep. Do a gratitude journal for yourself. Not gratitude for things in your life, but gratitude for you. List the great things about yourself and if you don't think to hard and let it flow, your subconscious will surprise you with how it really sees you. Go for it!!

    How to Begin to Love Yourself, Show 2 of 3

    Step 2 is so easy also. What would be more important than you?

    Be patient. No not patient with others or the world around you but with yourself. Be more patient with yourself. Do not create urgency or fear. This causes anxiety in the body that can get blocked and cause so many other issues.

    How to Begin to Love Yourself, Show 3 of 3

    Step 3 - Intuition or Ego?

    Are you choosing in life from your Ego or Intuition? Today I talk about very easy steps to know what your intuition and ego are, and how to choose from your intuition. I show how to recognize when it is your intuition or your ego that you are in.
    I also list 9 beautiful ways that you can feel when you are engaged with your intuition.

    Naturally Natural

    To be a natural state is to be centered and within. When you begin to try and do the "blame game" or "name game" you our outside of ourselves and have stopped our connection or flow to spirit. When you blame anything outside of ourselves - (watch the video to see the entire show)

    Take this Quiz, - 4 Steps to see if you truly love yourself

    What do we mean when we say we love ourselves? Do we truly follow steps to empower ourselves? Here is a fun quiz to take. 4 Easy steps to see if this is true. What did you think? Were there any surprises? I know I can always improve on how I treat myself or how I view myself. I was surprised on how these 4 steps affected my life and how I really feel about myself. (watch the video to see the entire show)

    How to change your dark skies to blue skies

    I am talking today about how to change something from bad to good. Yes it is as easy as these 3 steps. You can change things in your life and you can even change the things you see in the world from bad to good.

    Try these 3 EASY steps and call me a liar. Try them and tell me they did not work - (watch the video to see the entire show)



    Is there a thought or feeling that is just bugging the heck out of you, wanting your attention?
    By looking at it doesn't mean you have made a FINAL decision. It really means you are just open to exploring all options available to you - (watch the video to see the entire show)


    Christine M

    "It surely can be a painful process, but the outcome of the journey is "oh so blissful!" I think of you often these days, saying, "That's what Jasmin meant," and I smile, remembering when my dear friend gave me words of wisdom that I'd nod my head to thinking, HUH?!. Now I'm on the other side of the table doing the same for my friends..learning, learning and loving each and every day. Grateful!

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