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Hello again,

I wrote Sunday night about "if you have tools" for your life.

I wanted to add that when I write these blogs, I really am trying to offer tools, information and ways to manage your life in a better way. Especially if you are sensitive to the energy that is coming onto the planet and into our lives, like I am.

I have noticed a pattern and I wanted to share.

When I slack off or don't do my meditation or eat as well as I should, or do my workout routine or whatever it is I do for myself, I notice a desire to start sharing tools or information again.

I found this to be so funny but what an eye opener it was.

I have been doing TV and Podcast for about 2 years now, and I love the "eye opening" moments that happen. AYA, we call them.

But when I have a need, I start to share and talk. I love this for one easy, good reason. It is me, reminding myself of what I need to do and engage more in my life and in the powerful things that keep me healthy and happy.

So when I ask you, "do you have tools?", it is me reminding myself that I have slacked off somewhere and I am needing to reengage in the good stuff for me. Put myself first, put myself on my calendar, whatever it takes to remember me.

As this year comes to an end this is going to be more difficult if you don't have a routine in place.

Why you ask?

Because the energy will continue to pick up and go faster than this year. Yes, I know, it was crazy enough as it was.

But this will continue, so I am making sure my "good stuff" for myself is in place and a routine. That is what creates a new habit. Doing a routine for at least 14 days.

That changes an old habit to a new habit.


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