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Beauty or Beast - In the eye of the beholder

What is beauty to you? Do you believe a person could be ugly?

I don't know that I have ever meant anyone who is ugly. I love diversity, difference and the amazing "off color" people who live in their beauty while standing, talking, walking and sharing this planet with me. I love this most in the human condition.

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years."

Audrey Hepburn

"If you feel ugly or someone has told you that you are ugly,

do not believe them.

This is not real, although it may feel like it since these words found you, but

they are someone else's truth."

… Jasmin Solvera

When people say ugly or mean things to you, it is because they feel ugly themselves. I like to ask, when this happens, who hurt you? Who hurt you to where you are not able to get out from under that meanness and now you must try to get rid of it by dumping it on someone else?

This is what happens to us as humans. When you don't manage or get help for your pain, it starts to grow inside of you and it must come out somewhere. It won't just sit down and stay quiet inside of you. It just won't. It is not how pain works. Pain likes attention, it wants to fight back, it wants to be angry back, because PAIN wants to create more of what it is.

When you hold on to pain to long we can get into a place of fear. Fear is a response to an emotion, it is not an actual emotion in itself. Fear can protect you from danger, but if you did not have that situation that caused you pain (a mugger, someone hit you when you were crossing the street, someone raped or abused you) then we would have no need for fear. It does play its part but it shows up when we are about to repeat or relive an incident of pain.

When you are told many times, over and over again, that you are ugly, you begin to believe it. In this belief you then start to doubt yourself and create fear. Fear of what you can accomplish, fear that maybe you are no good and not relevant as a human, fear that you don't fit, fear that you're just plain dumb and won't amount to anything.

To be ugly, for me, does not exist. Beauty is worldwide, in everything I see and encounter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What do you think beauty and ugly mean? I would love to have your comments and experiences.

Also, I have written an E-book on 16 rules, The ART of living in a storm of fear and not getting blown away. I would love to share that with you for steps and guidance of how to get out of fear.


There is a lot of fear right now on the planet in so many different ways. Our government is one, sexual abuse accusations by so many in high places. Maybe you have abuse right in your own neighborhood, or workplace, (or heaven forbid) in your own home, as I did.

You can live in this world with fear but not have it affect you.

I see this world every day, in the news, on TV and in magazines. I realize what is going on, but since I have healed most of my fears, it does not touch me or reside in my home or close to me. I know it is a process that is being released. And to release an ugly pattern of abuse, it must be seen, come out of its ugly hole, and rise to the surface to be purged, just like an old ugly pimple. That is what's happening on our planet.

So let me share this book with you as a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT and I hope you join me in the Power Punch Counseling Community by either scheduling an appointment, providing your email to stay in touch for all the great videos, webinars, classes and all the information I love to share.

If you would like to comment in this community or share your thoughts, please join me in our Facebook Group HERE. I can't wait to meet you and build a friendship where we can laugh, cry, dance and support each other.

Thank you,

Power Punch Counseling

Jasmin Solvera

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