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4 Ways to Quickly Rid Yourself of Too

Much Stress

  1. Take a Deep Breath. Under stressful situations we tend to take short breaths making it difficult for our bodies to relax. Stuck in traffic and running late? Remember to Breathe, Breathe.
  2. Music. Remember the time when you were having a bad day and suddenly the radio played your favorite song? Do you remember how it released the tense in your body?
  3. Exercise. Though this may not sound like the most alluring option, its benefits are incomparable even if this means jogging in place at your desk for  at least 10-15 seconds. 
  4. Connect with Nature and just "BE". Sit or walk in the "grass" with our bare feet. When we do this we connect to the negative charged Ions (accelerate the delivery of oxygen) of the earth and that can release, remove, and eliminate the positive charged Ions (slow down the delivery of oxygen) in us when we stress.
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