I have been a counselor since 2009 and I work with those who have gone through trauma, abuse, neglect, molestation or incest. I have a powerful style of counseling that works because I have healed from being this person.

    When you go through this type of pain at a young age the power of your voice is silenced.


    Your choice is taken from you and the difficulty can start as your body goes through patterns of repeating this abuse and can arise as cravings in the body, playing out in anger and abuse towards others, low self-esteem, self-loathing, suicide thoughts or actions and promiscuousness.


    This can continue to show up many years later (in adulthood and beyond) and you don't necessarily understand what is going on.

    You could be disconnected from the pain and disassociate from your body and this can attract more harm to you.

    I create a safe and non-judgmental place so each person can find their own answers and begin to heal from this pain.


    • Women
    • Abuse-Emotional & Physical, Molestation, Neglect and Incest
    • Low Self-Esteem, No Self-Esteem, Depression
    • Childhood trauma-Emotional & Physical 
    • Thoughts or actions of Suicide, Self-Harming

    I provide sessions for spiritual counseling to heal the wounds of our past, the pains of our lineage and the abuse that sometimes we allow even in our every day lives. I supplement these sessions with energy readings to manage the ever changing world we live in and to provide answers to guide you smoothly as we bring self-awareness into place for change to happen.

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